Law firm Drummen Advocatuur specialises in criminal litigation and is run by attorney Wieteke Drummen. Since 2004, she has handled a wide range of cases under general criminal law, including cases conducted on suspicion of murder, manslaughter, membership of a criminal organisation, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex crimes, fraud, and various computer-related crimes. Drummen Advocatuur also represents clients in extradition and surrender proceedings, in cases involving the Enforcement of Criminal Judgments (Transfer) Act (WOTS/WETS ), in cases concerning demands for confiscation orders, juvenile criminal cases, cases under penitentiary law, traffic law proceedings, and cases concerning hospital orders.

For cross-border cases, Ms Drummen regularly collaborates with attorneys in other European countries – especially Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

Confidentiality is guaranteed under all circumstances.
Drummen Advocatuur does not provide assistance to crown witnesses, informants or aggrieved parties.

In the Register of Legal Practice Areas kept by the Netherlands Bar Association, attorney Drummen has registered the following principal and secondary legal practice areas:
– General practice – criminal law
– Criminal law

Pursuant to this registration, she is obliged to obtain ten training credits for every principal legal practice area over every calendar year to comply with the norms of the Netherlands Bar Association.